Bambinos Parent and Toddler play group

The bambinos parent and toddler playgroup welcomes you to enjoy time with your child and help them to form friends in the local community early.


The group is running again from 9.30AM to 11.30AM, please ask for days.


We offer a large collection of toys and ride ons to play with in a large room with plenty of space.


Bambinos offers snacks and drinks to both child and parent.

All food is prepared in our kitchen that has a perfect hygiene rating.


For one child and one Parent

From birth to 1: £1.00

From 1 to 5: £3.50


Any additional child or adult is an extra £1:50


Pricing includes a hot drink for each adult a drink of squash or water for each child and snacks


No bookings are required.

Bambinos is back