What we are doing about Covid-19

Avon Business and Leisure is aware that Covid-19 is a serious threat to public health and to our daily lives and we are taking it seriously.


We will continue to run our community center for as long as is legal and safe, we will do everything we can to make sure you can still enjoy Covid safe community classes and groups.


What we have in place:


Increased cleaning:

We are cleaning the center more regularly and disinfecting surfaces daily.


Reduced staff:

Due to some of our staff being able to work from home we are following the current advise and only opening when we are needed and allowing any staff that can to work from home.


Social distancing:

We have social distancing guidelines posted around the building and on the floors, we ask that where possible these guidelines are followed.



In line with current Covid-19 regulations we require ALL visitors to the center wear masks with exceptions made for the following;

Children under the age of 11.

People that cannot put one on due to physical or mental disability.

Where wearing a mask causes severe mental distress.

If you are speaking to someone who relies on lip-reading.

Where wearing a mask would negatively affect your ability to take part in strenuous exercise.

Further information can be found published on gov.uk here


Track and trace:

Visitors to the center not part of a class or group will be expected to sign our NHS Track and Trace form.


Group self enforcement:

Due to our limited staffing, we cannot be held liable for each group enforcing the government regulations on Covid-19, due to this we ask that all groups enforce these rules and regulations where and when they apply.


In line with Covid-19 regulations, we provide our Covid-19 risk assessment here