Jack Holsten

Avon Room

The Jack Holsten room is the largest room in our center, it has one of the largest professionally sprung dance floors in the Cannock area with a raised stage perfect for fitness instruction like Zumba classes or for leading sequence dance classes or for presentation ceremonies with the need for a central focus area.

This room is where we hold our Bambinos Parent and Toddler group.

This is the second largest room in our center, with a solid floor this room is perfect for dog training classes, children's parties, or craft groups with an easy to clean floor, we provide tables for events like these.

Chase Room

Milford Room

The Chase room is a popular room for smaller classes and groups due to its small but decent size, this room along with the Jack Holsten is one of the closest rooms to the entrance.

The Milford room is our smallest and cheapest room, this room is best suited to small groups and one to ones in a close, personal environment.